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4 hrs (1hr/week)
$140.00every month until canceled
8 hrs (1hr*2/week)
$280.00every month until canceled

Music Is My Life!


A son who wants to learn Disney songs.
A daughter who has a definite taste of music.
Parents who try to sing in chorus.

Time to blow away all the stress of everyday life through music!

You can gain confidence by singing with others and improve your singing skills as well.
Memorizing various Disney theme songs, including <Let It Go> and <Speechless>, to become popular among friends!

A music class that will make your daily life happier.
You can meet it at eTutor On the GO now!



Music Is My Life!


디즈니 노래를 섭렵하고픈 막둥이,
확고한 노래 취향이 생긴 첫째,
합창에 도전하려는 엄마 아빠.


모두모두 음악을 통해 일상 속 크고 작은 스트레스를 확! 날려버릴 시간!


다른 사람들과 합창하며 자신감도 얻고, 노래 실력도 향상시켜요.
겨울왕국 Let It Go와 알라딘 Speechless를 비롯한 다양한 디즈니 주제곡을 외워 친구들 사이에서 <인기 짱>이 되는 건 덤!


지친 일상을 즐겁게 해줄 음악 수업.
eTutor On the GO에서 만나보세요!



Music Is My Life!









背诵了各种迪士尼主题曲(包括冰雪奇缘Let It Go和阿拉丁Speechless)。

在朋友们中间可以成为"人气王" !


在eTutor On the GO见吧!

  • Note

    This subscription is valid for 4 weeks. A separate class reservation is required after the payment.

  • Supported languages

    English, Korean

  • Refund and cancellation policy

    There is a $25.00 non-refundable processing fee for all students, which will be deducted from any fees refunded for withdrawals. Please refer to our refund policy.

  • Shipping info

    This is an online subscription provided by eTutor On the GO. A reservation ticket will be issued upon the checking by our class manager (No delivery).

  • Class for

    English curriculum (Elemetary - Secondary School level)

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