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4times (1hr/week)
$140.00every month until canceled
8hrs (1hr*2/week)
$280.00every month until canceled

Beginner Enjoy coding, Experience AI  *Eligibility : Elementary school student and above
Elementary Learn coding to make a game, art, math and share your codes to your friends around the world *Eligibility : Elementary school student and above
Intermediate The class will let you create your own apps. You can make the games, much players, web browers, pedometers with sensors, and compasses. *Eligibility : Secondary school students and above
Advanced text coding In depth advanced coding *Eligibility : High school students and above




Beginner 코딩의 즐거움, AI 체험이 가능합니다. *대상 : 초등학생 이상

Elementary 코딩으로 게임코딩, 미술코딩, 수학코딩을 즐길 수 있고, 세계 여러 나라의 친구들과 함께 공유를 할 수 있습니다. *대상 : 초등학생 이상

Intermediate 코딩으로 나만의 앱을 만들 수 있습니다. 게임, 뮤직 플레이어, 웹 브라우저, 센서를 이용한 만보기, 나침반, 등 을 만들 수 있습니다. *대상 : 중학생 이상

Advanced text coding으로 더욱 심도 있는 코딩을 배울 수 있습니다. *대상 : 고등학생 이상




Beginner 编码的乐趣、可体验AI。 *对象:小学生以上

Elementary 通过编码可以享受游戏编码、美术编码、数学编码,并与世界各国朋友共享。 *对象:小学生以上

Intermediate 可以创建自己的APP(游戏、音乐播放器、网络浏览器、用传感器制作的计步器、指南针等。)    *对象:中学生以上

Advanced 用text coding可学习更深度的编码。 *对象:高中生以上


  • Note

    This subscription is valid for 4 weeks. A separate class reservation is required after the payment

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  • Refund and cancellation policy

    There is a $25.00 non-refundable processing fee for all students, which will be deducted from any fees refunded for withdrawals. Please refer to our refund policy.

  • Shipping info

    This is an online subscription provided by eTutor On the GO. A reservation ticket will be issued upon the checking by our class manager (No delivery).

  • Class for

    Elemetary - Adults

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